What is the operating system Commander uses?

Android or some other Unix based operating system most suitable for the user interface I have in mind - the user interface is targeted for fast and precise use and it will shake the whole smartphone industry

What kind of screen resolution does Commander have?

The height is 720 pixels, but the width is not a standard 1280 because we want to fit the sidebars into the Command OS as well so it's wider than that. The screen is still a capacitive touchscreen

How big is Commander?

Something of a 15 cm / 6" length is on my mind

What's the price?

Commander is a high(est)-quality product, so the price hovers around the high-end iPhones' prices

Why this kind of form factor?

There are a lot of people in the world who have used these kind of phones in the past and decided it's just the best: Nokia 9210, 9500, 9300, E90, some Motorola models, Qtek 9000 etc.

Why "Commander"?

The name resembles the word "Communicator" which was the highest-end, very successful smartphone line Nokia made, and Commander also sounds like a hard-boiled, steel-hard type of guy!