Command OS - the heart, the soul and the brains of Commander

Command OS is the most advanced smartphone operating system ever made. It's based on Android so you can use your familiar Android apps on it, no worries there! But since Commander is built with a keyboard, the system must be made to utilize the keyboard best way possible. Commander has buttons not yet seen on any device, and those buttons make its use the fastest in the world of smartphones. Let me show you an example of this: you met a hot girl, Mary, and she gives you her phone number. You must act fast so she doesn't think you're an idiot! This is what you do:

You open your Commander and you do this (of course speedier than the animation):

Score! The file name comes from the first line of the note - you've written "Mary's number".The button isn't limited to only that; you can open a new tab on Chrome (CTRL + the button = incognito tab for secret things), make a new appointment in the Calendar... there are endless possibilities.

Below there are some more screenshots of Command OS. The darkened buttons are what brings the workspace on the screen: you press Office, and you have all your Office apps on the screen. So fast you won't believe it!

Desk, the main thing where you can put your favorite apps, shortcuts and make notes.

Office where you can find the office apps - the built-in word processor, sheet editor (Excel) and presentation editor. Also the incredible built-in file manager will be here!

The word processor.

The calendar.

Command OS is versatile and highly modifiable - although in these screenshots you see the bars on the sides, all applications are able to go full screen. You especially love full screen with the browser, don't you?

The command buttons next to the display are secondary buttons; you can press the keyboard's 'enter' button to make the "OK" choice, as in the animation above. You can close the note without saving it by pressing either the screen's command button or "Esc" on the keyboard. You can also use the touchscreen!

One more thing: the screenshots... they are concept art and in no way the final result. I'm not an artist or a designer so I've made only these rough visualizations of my ideas. These are for demonstrational purposes only, the end product will be way more better-looking!