About Commander

Commander will become the BMW of the smartphones, but it's not yet made and it is not yet even in production. It exists only as a 3D model and a lot of sticky notes!

Commander has many features that are not available in today's smartphones. It is a versatile companion that does everything incredibly fast, reliable and effectively. Now these words may sound like nothing at first, but once you get to know Commander, you will most probably want one yourself!

Commander closed

Commander is built for fast operation: it has a small cover screen where you can read messages quickly and search for contacts, check missed calls or take a a photo faster than ever!

Commander closed - from below

Commander opened

Commander fully opened

Command OS - the heart of Commander

Command OS is built for speed, stability and productivity in mind. It's based on Android but it's way, way more versatile and advanced than any other user interface available today. Fully controllable with the keyboard, it's fast and precise!